Free pattern for earrings Ukraine and our request for help!

Dear friends! My name is Iana and I am founder and one of the admins of Beadsmagic. I am from Ukraine but i live in Sweden last 7 years. You all know its the war in Ukraine now. My mamma and my friend Oksana with her son Iliya lived in Charkiv, Ukraine but they had to run away from bombs as Charkiv is bombed all the time. Oksanas apartment is totally destroyed. Now they are with me in Sweden but they have nothing. They came with only one little bag. They have applied for the support for the refugee but so far they have not recieved any help. I help them so much i can but its a bit hard for me as i am alone. I ask you to help my friend and her son.

You know Beadsmagic patterns were always free and they will be always free. I created this free earrings pattern  for all of you who supports Ukraine and have possibility and wish to help my friend and her son. Even 1 $ matter! For example bread costs 20 swedish krons or 2 $.

If you want to see some documents which confirm my personality or Oksanas and Illiyas status you can  write me on [email protected] I will send you copy of my ukrainian passport, Oksanas ukrainian passport and decision from swedish migration office that Oksana and Illiya are refugee from Ukraine. You are welcome to ask me any question about me, my life in Ukraine or Sweden and about Oksana.

To send your donation click on the buton Donate. All money you send via this button I will give to Oksana. Thank you!


free pattern for earrings Ukraine


Free pattern for earrings Charyl

You can make this beautiful beaded earrings Charyl  with our free and very simple tutorial. This pattern is very detailed and even beginner can use it for making a pair of amazing earrings. These earrings should look nice with any color combination. Free pattern for earrings Charyl is fun  and quick to make.

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Free pattern for pendant Apollo with zoliduo

Use our free pattern to make this beautiful pendant Apollo using zoliduo and superduo beads. This must-have beading tutorial is fit for beginners and more advanced beaders. Pay attention that we used left and right variant of zoliduos in this pattern.  U can make even amazing earrings using this simple tutorial. Pdf is avavilible.

Free beading tutorial for pendant with zoliduo