A big thank to all our friends for the help!

Dear friends!

I would like to thank everyone for your support and donations to my friend Oksana and her son who fled  the war in Ukraine. Each of your donations is very important and help to turn a new page of life for 2 people – Oksana and her son Illiya. They lost their apartment, their country and their previous life but they found so many friends who helped them! Those money you all sent to them are enough to live 2-3 month and buy some important and necessary things and this is a good time to have some rest and start searching for a job. Today you helped this poor mamma and her son and Im very sure someone will help you in the moment when you need it too. I bielive our universe works like this! Each of you is a person with a big and kind heart and I am very happy you are my subscribers.

This is us last summer in Charkiv when we couldnt imagine how much life would change in just a few months.

A huge thanks to:

Anne C.

Karen B.
Pamela J.H.
Gayle L.
Jewelry s.f.y.
Maria M.
Joanie F.
Itty Bittie N.
Brigitte P.
Andrea A.
Karen F.
Isobel F.
Terri W.
Mairi C.
Trenary A.S.
Kathyrn M.
Irene S.d.A.
Nancy R.
Joan A.
Kathleen K.
Renie S.
Staceylea C.
Kathleen E.
Stephanie C.
Joan F.
Rhonda J.
Sue M.
Lynn D.
Christy P.
Denise P.
Sam H.
Helene P.
Amalia Z.
Bridget D.
Cynthia G.
Johanne T.
Janet M.S.
Gerdan T.
Doris M.
Charlene A.
T.s. Mouse
Lavissa P.
Ivanna O.

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Free beading pattern for Snowflake

Free beading pattern for beautiful Snowflake. You can use it like ornament or like pendant.



Free pattern for necklace Crystal Ice (variant by Elaine C Vechorik)

One of our talented  followers Elaine C Vechorik made amazing necklace using our pattern Crystal Ice. She made some changings and it turned out a new and beautiful variant of this necklace. We think its a brilliant idea to use silver leaves.

This is what she is writing about her work.

I altered the Beads Magic pattern, “Crystal Ice” to “Fringed”. I used 10mm pearls in front and fringed to add 3 leaves. For the sides and back, I used 8mm pearls and only 1 leaf. These are 9mm bugles and the leaves are from Michael’s (2016). When the necklace was finished, I went through the neckline with double thread, adding 1 silver on top of each bugle.

Elaine C Vechorik – facebook.com/EVechorik