Free pattern for earrings Flora + video tutorial

New free pattern for earrings Flora is here! This beaded earrings pattern is very easy to use and it takes only 30 minutes to make these amamzing earrings. You need ginko beads, fire polished beads and seed beads Toho. This free beading tutorial can use even bead beginner! There are a lot of colors combinations for this seed beads pattern. These beaded earrings look like small pretty flowers. This time you can watch even video tutorial on Youtube. Click here to go to youtube tutorial or find the link in the end of this post.  Free bead diagrams and pdf tutorial are availible as usually. Please comment what you think about this bead tutorial and if you are going to use this beading pattern.

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Free bead pattern for earrings Angelina with superduo and gemduo

Learn how to make these beautiful delicate earrings with our free bead pattern Angelina. We used for this beading tutorial very beautiful powdery superduo and gemduo beads, pearls and silver seed beads Toho. Our step by step beading instruction is very clear and detailed and every bead beginner can follow it. Pdf pattern is also availible. We plan to make video tutorial for this pattern so dont miss to subscribe to our new youtube channel – BeadsmagicYoutube .

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Free tutorial for Snowflake earrings + Video!

Learn how to make a beautiful beaded winter earrings with our free tutorial for snowflake earrings. This time you can watch even video tutorial on Youtube. Click here to go to youtube tutorial or find the link in the end of this post. This is our first video so dont judge us too hard 😊. Free diagrams and pdf are availible as usually. Just click to see more! This free bead pattern is easy to follow and even bead beginners can make these beaded snowflake earrings. You can use this free beading tutorial to make a cute winter pendant or christmas ornament. We think it can be a nice Christmas gift for your friends.

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