Breathtaking beaded jewelry by Guzel Bakeeva

One of my favorite bead designers is amazing Guzel Bakeeva. She makes breathtaking beaded jewelry in different techniques such as bead embroidery, bead weaving, stitching and many other. She uses in her works rare natural stones, swarovski crystlas and seed beads. Her talent is really unique and if you dont know her yet you will be surprised and stunned when you see her wonderful work. I alreadey made several posts abot her, you can fins them via the link –  But here comes her new beadart jewelry.


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Beaded snowflake inspiration ideas

We collected the best beaded snowflake inspiration ideas on Instagram and we hope you will like it. Most of these beautiful snowflakes are brooches or pendants but can be used as a beaded ornament as well. They are made in bead embroidery technique or in beadweaving technique. This can be also nice Christmas gift, isnt it? Dont forget to use our free bead pattern for snowflakes, click here to see it – Snowflake patterns .

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By le_broche_


Amazing beaded insects by Lana Evgan

Lana Evgan is a talanted bead embroidery artist who creates amazing insects and bugs. Im sure you never saw anything like this! She makes beaded insects in different shapes and colors. She uses beautiful high quality materials such as Swarovski and Preciosa crystals, fire polished beads, pearls, natural stones, bugles, cannetille, seed beads Toho and Miyuki. Her embroidery is real filigri work and every embroidered insect is unique and eye-catching one.

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