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Hi everyone!

Welcome to website Beads Magic!


This website was created just like a library of  the interesting things about beads. U can find here free patterns, free schemas, instructions, tutorials and beads design, many photos of beautiful jewellery and beads and other useful and interesting free information from the entire internet.

Some  part of photos and information was found in a free open access of  the internet and this blog is not owner of this information. Thats why there are names and links on websites and blogs of all authors (if it was possible to find in internet) in every post. But if u are author of some photos or patterns and u dont like that it  is on this site and think it  infringe  your copyright in any way, write us on beadsmagic@ymail.com, please. We will remove it without any problems with our excuse. All information is not using for commercial purpose. Anyway thank u for patterns and photos. We will b thankful if u will accept links on your website  or blog posted on this website  as an advertisment for your beautiful works.

Thanx for visit. Enjoy!


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65 thoughts on “About site

  1. sometimes the patterns look so hard but if you try the pattern its much easier than it looks . Netting has been hard for me but after learning to knot knot knot things go easier. cindy musick from iowa

  2. Me encantan todos los diseños si hay la oportunidad de tomar clases en la ciudad de Bogotá por favor me puede informar gracias

  3. Is there somewhere we can add a pattern? Sometimes I adapt one of your patterns to suit myself or get inspiration from one of them and it would be nice to be able to contribute. I’m not sure I could draw the diagrams you do, but I could try 🙂

      • For the hundreth time, please remove me from your email list! I have unsubscribed unlimited times only to continue getting emails from Beadsmagic. I am going to look into another alternative to stopping your posts…

    • Creo que hay un vínculo “Unsubscribe” en la parte inferior de cada mensaje de BeadsMagic. ¡No es definido que el administrador incluso ha entendido su petición aquí!

      • Yeah admin well give me back my time unsubscribe me debressel299@gmail.com. you told me lat time you couldn’t you f n Liar! Fucking unsubscribe me or i will give you a nasty virus when you open up your email from another sender. What a shitty ass comment to say to someone (4 min) you dirty ass bastard

  4. Is there way that you could post a button (link) so that the pattern could be printed out? It would make things so much easier. Thank you for replying

  5. I think people are having problems with trying to save the pattern to their computer or print the pattern. We have to keep our computers open while making the project. Thank you so much for the lovely patterns and sharing them at no charge to us. I know it takes time on your end to do that. It would be nice to be able to save or print but I’m not going to gripe.

  6. I am having difficulty getting around on your site. There are too many links that take the view elsewhere. I am searching for patterns for beaded beads. Can you help?

  7. Preciso cancelar a inscrição. Não tenho mais interesse. Por gentileza cancele. Seu site está bloqueando outros que são mais necessários. Obrigada

  8. Hi Again, just want to explain the buttons everyone are pushing that say free patterns &come up with google ad is because it’s an ad look up in the corner in small light letters it says adver. It’s google getting customers.Also if you want to save or print patterns go up in bar at top click on the 3 little dots it will say print, click on then adjust the # of pages to print or save to PDF. I do it on my tablet. And remember it’s easy to be mean when not face to face, even easier to be nice. I find this site extremely inspirational. Thank you for your time & effort.

  9. This is my third attempt to unsubscribe. Usually when unsubscribing companies delete my email address from their mailing list but I have had great difficulty with BeadsMagic which is very disappointing.

  10. I have been trying to unsubscribe from this website for several weeks. Everytime I get an email I hit the unsubscribe and it sends me here. Please stop sending emails and other texts, patterns and all correspondence to me

  11. Stop spamming. As a lot of people here I unsuscribed too many times. I’m really tired of this everyday pollution. Remove me now and forever or some complaint will be done.

  12. I have done everything but give you my first born to unsubscribe from your site. I have literally been trying for months. Other sites when an issue arises with unsubscribing they manualy do it for you. I am guessing you need so many people on your site for some reason and this us why whenthey ask or try to delete you ignore them. I am going to report this site and see if they can help free me of your emails!

  13. Hello. I would like to know if I can create your designs to post them in an instagram page just for bracelets. Please let me know. Thanks.

  14. Please and please unsubscribe me I don’t even take a look at the mails no more it’s just sparming my mHiailbox I am tired I don’t take a look

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