Free pattern and video tutorial for earrings Chamomile

Looking for a fun and easy DIY jewelry project? Check out our free pattern and video tutorial  for making beautiful beaded spring earrings! With our detailed step by step instructions and bead tutorial, you’ll be able to create stunning and unique beaded earrings in no time. Whether you’re a seasoned jewelry maker or just bead beginner, this project is perfect for anyone looking to add a pop of color to their collection. So grab your beads and get ready to make some beautiful jewelry with our free beading tutorial. Video tutorial is availible via this link – or in the end of this post. PDF is also availible as ussually!

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Heart earrings free pattern & video

Learn how to make these beautiful beaded heart earrings with our free beading pattern. These earrings with beaded hearts is a nice option for st Valentines day gift!  We used for this beading tutorial round beads, bicone beads and seed beads Toho.  Our step by step beading instruction is very clear and detailed and every bead beginner can follow it. This time you can watch even video tutorial on Youtube. Click here to go to youtube tutorial or find the video in the end of this post.  Free bead diagrams and pdf tutorial are availible as usually. Please comment what you think about this bead tutorial and if you are going to use this beading pattern.

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Free pattern + Video for bracelet Red Hearts

Learn how to make this beautiful beaded bracelet with our free pattern and video tutorial. This bracelet “Red hearts” is one of the most popular beading patterns on So i desided to make more clear and detailed beading tutorial and even youtube video tutorial. This bracelet with beaded hearts is a nice variant for st Valentines gift! Click here to go to youtube tutorial or find the link in the end of this post. Free diagrams and pdf pattern are availible as usually. Just click “to read more”!

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