Beautiful vintage jewellery by Carla S. Fox

Carla S. Fox is an american designer of beautiful vintage jewelry. In her work she uses fabric scraps, samples and yardage, the antique and vintage buttons, jewelry bits and pieces, lace, textiles, found objects, feathers, leaves and millinery veiling. Though she does not follow trends or fashion, but allow her creativity to lead her where it may. Thats why her every piece is very pretty and original.


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14 thoughts on “Beautiful vintage jewellery by Carla S. Fox”

  1. so pretty. what do you use as a foundation? or do you use one? Your flowers are beautiful and they look like they could be yoyo’s. love the eye candy. thank you for sharing.

    • I was looking for inspiration and got it in bucket loads best thing I have seen your work is lost for words its so good


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