Free beading pattern for necklace Cappuccino

Boho jewelry is incredibly in vogue right now, but buying it from a store can be quite expensive. However, the other option is to make it yourself, and the bohemian style lends itself fabuolusly well to jewelry making in beading techniqe. Use our free step-by-step beading instructions on how to create this beautiful beaded necklace Cappuccino using seed beads.  This simple boho necklace is easy and quick to make using just a few inexpensive supplies.

Pdf is also availible!

Free beading necklace tutorial


U need:

seed beads 11/0 (4 different colors)


rondelle or round beads 6 mm

U can download this pattern in pdf format by clicking the pdf button in the end of this post.



Click on the diagram to enlarge it.

Free beading tutorial for necklace

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14 thoughts on “Free beading pattern for necklace Cappuccino”

    • Sorry i dont understand french.
      Do you ask about type of thread? I used C-lon beading thread. But its possible to use any soft thread like nylon or silky thread, Nymo, TOHO One-G etc. But do not use fireline or fishing line to make this neckace!

      Hope it helps. Sorry for late reply!


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