Free pattern for necklace Bella

Free pattern for beautiful beaded necklace Bella with dagger beads.


U need:

dagger beads

seed beads 8/0

seed beads 10/0-11/0



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7 thoughts on “Free pattern for necklace Bella”

  1. What string type are you using to make your bracelets, earrings and necklaces? Are they 8lb. transparent string? I will thank you for the information. I love lots of your creations.

  2. This necklace is beautiful and I would love to make it but the diagram looks like 2 hole daggers are needed and the picture is 1 hole. Am I right?

  3. Thank you for these beautiful patterns, I love them all.
    Love this design but I can’t get it to lay right. I think it’s the size daggers I’m using since they come in different mm’s. Could you tell me what size you use?
    Thank you, Norma


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