Beaded snowflake inspiration ideas

We collected the best beaded snowflake inspiration ideas on Instagram and we hope you will like it. Most of these beautiful snowflakes are brooches or pendants but can be used as a beaded ornament as well. They are made in bead embroidery technique or in beadweaving technique. This can be also nice Christmas gift, isnt it? Dont forget to use our free bead pattern for snowflakes, click here to see it – Snowflake patterns .

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By le_broche_


Beautiful beadwork in space and sci fi style

Do you like space and sci fi books and movies? I like and thats why i made this collection of fantastic beadwork in sci fi and space style. There are amazing necklaces, brooches, earrings and bags in this wonderful style made by different talented artists. Write in comments what you think about this pieces of art and dont forget to join our facebook group –


Beauitiful jewelry in St.Valentine`s Day style

Valentine’s Day is coming soon. Everywhere its possible to see red hearts and feel a  lot of  love ???? Thats why we post this collection of beaded jewelry with hearts elements. Different artists, different style, different kinds of jewelry but the one same thing – heart!  {links on artist`s websites under every picture}.