Free pattern for earrings Ksenia

Free pattern for beaded earrings Ksenia

U need:

seed beads 11/0

tila beads miyuki



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12 thoughts on “Free pattern for earrings Ksenia”

  1. I would certainly like to print a copy of this pattern but it appears that I cannot even look at it as a PDF because the program used to create the PDF is only good on Windows systems and I use a MAC. I am really disappointed.

    • u can print it as jpg also. save picture to your computer, open with any image viewer and click in menu File on Print.

    • Kathy Try creating the pdf and then send it to iBooks. I use an iPad and that’s what I did. You get the whole page but at least you have the tutorial for future reference. Hope this is useful.

  2. I love the earrings but found the Tila’s to be too blocky. And I love Tila’s! So I’m going to substitute each Tila with 2 bugles, If I can find some approximately 5 mm long. Has anyone tried that?


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