Beautiful beaded accessories and toys by Vera Orlova

Vera Orlova is talanted bead artist from Russia. She makes amazing beaded design accessories and toys. Every piece is very original and unique.




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11 thoughts on “Beautiful beaded accessories and toys by Vera Orlova”

  1. I would like to BUY some of these gorgeous beaded figurines! Do you have a shopping cart on the web somewhere? They are just stunning. Do you also have patterns for sale?

    Thanks, Catherine Todd

  2. Absolutely gorgeous and out of this world figurines. Do sell some of those ? Do you have a web site ? Do you share patterns ?

    Thank you so much

  3. Trabajos hermosos que dan deseos de hacerlos todos, pero mi pais está al otro lado del mundo y aqui no es fácil conseguir el material adecuado como tampoco revistas y patrones mas explicitos.


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