Beautiful bead embroidered jewelry by Guzialia Reed

Guzialia Reed is bead artist from Japan. She makes beautiful bead embroidered jewelry. Every necklace is original and unique and has interesting idea. In her work she use japan beads, beautiful gemstones cabochones, glass beads and pearls.


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4 thoughts on “Beautiful bead embroidered jewelry by Guzialia Reed”

  1. Hello I saw your beautiful work on pinterest. I never made a bracelet. Sorry for my English I coke from Hollands but I Will try to make one. I loket everywhere in Holland but I can’t buy such beautiful Stones. Can you let me know where I can look? Maybe you know a site. Thank you very much and I really like your Work it’s fantastic. I bought a book to see how you make iT but iT Sems very difficult. Kind regards and thans Eugenie

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