Amazing embroidered jewelry by Irina Chikineva

Irina Chikineva is a russian bead embroidery artist. Her work is original and unique and deserve only admiration and best words.  This is the first part of her jewellery photos, soon i will post the second one.

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10 thoughts on “Amazing embroidered jewelry by Irina Chikineva”

  1. So beautiful all this things.plz tell me the price of this.I want to start a business in India is this possible.

  2. This has been a dream of mine to learn this technique of beading. I have made a few little attempts and was not satisfied so far. I will NOT give up or give in yet. I have plenty of umph left in me, so I will just keep going on and on in my own way. I may be slower than most, but I usually get the job done. I am always prpudl


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