Winners of Bead Dreams 2012 competition!

Best in Show of Bead dreams 2012

Predator, by Guzel Bakeeva, Russia

I made 2 posts on my blog about Guzel Bakeeva. U can check it, her work is beautiful!
1 post
2 post

Best in Show runner up 

Free bird, by Heidi Kummli, CO

Seed Bead Jewelry

1st Place – Delicious Chardonnay 2012 by  Irina Rudneva, Russia

2nd Place – Stormy Petrel by Ann Braginsky, Israel

3rd Place – Tequila Sunrise by Melissa Ingram, Australia

Finished Jewelry

1st Place – Tilt! by Linda Landy, FL

2nd Place  – Ishtar by Anneta Valious, France

3rd Place – Isis – Queen of Godesses by Susan Yacoub, Australia

Crystal Jewelry

1st Place – Predator by Guzel Bakeeva, Russia

2nd Place – Dark Garden by Diane Hyde, WI

3rd Place – Melbournian by Melissa Ingram, Australia

Handmade Buttons

1st Place – Persian Box Beads by Nancy Schindler, NY,

Polymer Clay

1st Place – Skye-line Necklace by Melanie Muir, UK,


1st Place – Round Ottomans in Cool Blues by Amy Waldman-Smith, Canada


1st Place – Violet Vestments by Omniobadiah Mee, IL

Bead dreams winners


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  1. These beauties are a fantastic display of wonderful talent. Thanks to all who participated and sent entries in. How impressive! Keep up the good work.


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