Free pattern for necklace Snow White

Free pattern for beaded necklace Snow White


U need:

pearl beads 4 mm

seed beads 11/0

gemstone chips or dagger beads or drop beads



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13 thoughts on “Free pattern for necklace Snow White”

    • If you look at the line drawing, it begins (and ends) with a 5-bead circle. It’s meant to hold the toggle at one end, and the toggle-ring on the other. I would do it a little differently, using six beads.

      Leaving an 8″-12″ tail (to be woven in later), string three seed beads, the toggle, and three seed beads. Go through all once more, then tie a tiny surgeon’s knot. Create the rest of the necklace, then create the end circle as you did the first (3 seed beads, toggle-ring, and 3 seed beads, surgeon’s knot). Weave in the tails.

  1. Прекрасное колье. Наконец-то я нашла применение кинжаликам из хризопраза. Огромное Вам спасибо.Радуйте нас новыми идеями.

  2. I have tried every way possible to download the pdf file for this necklace but have not been successful. I downloaded some pdf converter software and had many attempts blocked by my computer. Another attempt resulted in some video program attempting to install on my computer. No matter where or what I click, I do not get a pdf for this beautiful necklace. Many of your patterns are ones I would like to try to make but I don’t seem to be able to download anything. What is the secret? Please help.


    • Patty, almost all patterns on my website doesnt have pdf format, all patterns are in jpg format. if u see some pdf invantation in the end of page it can be only advert from google.


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