Free pattern for necklace Selma

Free beaded pattern for necklace  Selma


U need:

seed beads 11/0



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13 thoughts on “Free pattern for necklace Selma”

    • These earrings are very cute, and I like the way she’s made her own cards to go with them. Very clveer young lady. I’d like to make some too for my own beaded jewelry. Great inspiration. Thanks!Aside from projects made in Brownies (pot holders, needle cases. etc) the first thing I designed and made myself, at age 15, were tiny ladybug pins. I painted a ladybug colorscheme on a tiny metal circle and had my Dad show me how to solder a straight pin onto the back. I made a bunch and gave them to friends. We all wore them in the Peter Pan collars of our 60 s era blouses. Sort of a paean to Vera scarves and the signature ladybug.The next project, in the late 60 s, was to take a Noxema bottle I found broken along the railroad tracks, and glue the pieces to a footed glass to make a votive holder (except that was before votives!)then put grout in between the pieces and color the grout black with India Ink, to look like stained glass. Seems to be very popular now with the Pier 1 designers these days.I love the way each generation comes up with and embraces new crafts. It seems to be huge right now, with so many new sources of raw materials. It’s mind-boggling just ot go into a stamping or journaling store.

  1. Wonderful!!! This could be made in many different colors & each one would look like a different necklace. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I plan on making this tomorrow. However, I’ll only put the longer dangles in the front 15. I’ve found that when the dangles go all the way around they lay funny.

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