Free pattern for necklace Elettra by Lyubov Buntova

Free pattern for beautiful beaded necklace  Elettra by Lyubov Buntova

Êîëüå Ýëåòòðà

 Design and photo by  Lyubov Buntova


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U need:

seed beads 11/0

pearl beads 6 mm

twin or super duo seed beads

drop beads

This pattern is for 2 needles



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16 thoughts on “Free pattern for necklace Elettra by Lyubov Buntova”

  1. I absolutely love your designs and want to thank you for sharing them. I haven’t tried any of them mainly due to the instructions. I find them hard to follow. I know you list the needed items, but after that it seems trial and error.

  2. Is this done with 2 needles and 2 different seed beads ? I love this pattern just not sure if you have to use 2 needles or not. Could someone help me out here? Thanks

  3. If it says 11° seed beads and you see two different colors in the pattern (as you do in this one) that you’d pick out two different colors of Seed beads. The larger pink beads indicate the 6 mm round beads–could use Druks or even crystals here as long as they are 6 mm rounds. then you see the elongated beads (gold here) and these indicate the duos or twins and at the bottom you see a tear dropped shaped bead indicating the drop. Most of the time a specific size is not given but you would use the one that was in best proportion–in other words on this necklace you wouldn’t want to use one that was only 4-6 mm long–way too small. I’d think that at least a 10 or 12 mm here would be best. Sometimes in these patterns you will see seed beads in 3 different sizes–15, 11, 8–15’s being the smallest so round circles in different colors and sizes will indicate these.
    One other thing about this pattern specifically is that for the duos or twins (these are a bit football/oval shaped and have a hole in each end) I might use the new drops that are out that are almost this size but only have one hole. I sort of have a problem with using twins or duos if I don’t use both holes in the design and sort of cover them up

  4. It’s so so pretty….I really wanna try to make this….pls tell me where can I get these golden superduo beads…? Thank you sooooo much for sharing this great great pattern…:)

  5. Just found this beautiful necklace pattern. Thank you so much for posting. What are the dimensions of the drop beads?

    Thank you


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