Free pattern for necklace Sia

Free pattern for beaded necklace Sia

U need:

seed beads 11/0

faceted czech beads 4 mm

pearls 4 mm


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14 thoughts on “Free pattern for necklace Sia”

  1. Nearly all of your free patterns are for designs using netting stiches. there are so many other: peyote, brick , herringbone, RAW, square, etc. How about a little variety?

    • Hej Miryam. I can explain to you how i make my patterns. First i make only what i like and can because its my hobby and i dont get any money. Second i make only simple patterns which everyone can easily understand. Third patterns must be easy to draw diagramms because i cant write explanation as english is not my native language.

      • I think you have done some wonderful designs and as they say do what you can and like because it will always come out the way you expected it.
        Keep designing and keep,having fun with it I love theynway you have done the pattern diagrames I find them a lot easier to follow than the written ones as I always find that when they have written it they always leave something out of the written explanation with diagrams you can not go wrong at all:-)

  2. Thank you for your great creations. Marvelous work.!
    I love netting myself. I guess it is our Slavic addiction to beautiful netted necklaces. As for myself, when I try to create a new design, I am always stuck with netting and cannot overcome it. I am looking for new directions.
    My dear, please don’t hesitate to share more sophisticated designs with difficult techniques. we are all happy to try.
    I love your work!

    • You will need to add thread at some point. I used 4 yards or so for the entire necklace, and I probably would make the necklace a few units longer if I was making it again. It would not be possible to manage 4 yards at once, so I worked in 2-yard segments.

  3. This was a lovely, easy necklace (easy if you’re used to netting). Good diagrams. I made mine with fire-polished beads and bronze Miyuki 11/0s. It looks very pretty.

  4. I can’t believe that people criticize you in the comments, when you are sharing these beautiful designs with us for free. Thank you!!

    I just completed a Sia necklace, using royal blue, fuschia and deep pink pearls, with matte silver seed beads. It came out really nicely. For anyone wanting to incorporate the additional colour, I used colour 1 for the top and bottom rows, colour two for the middle beads and colour three for the 4-bead right angle weave.

    Thanks again!

  5. Thank you for this amazing pattern! It will be my first necklace and ever beading project (: maybe a beginners question.. But how many beads do you need? And how long does your thread needs to be? Thank you! I am very excited to start 😀


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