Free pattern for necklace Only Pearls

Free pattern for beaded necklace Only Pearls


To make this necklace u need only pearls with three different sizes, for example 4 mm (first row), 6  mm (second row) and 8 mm (third row)



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8 thoughts on “Free pattern for necklace Only Pearls”

  1. This necklace is beautiful. I am going to see if my Nephew’s Fiance would like to wear it at their Wedding in May. Do you have directions for the earrings?

  2. I have tried to make this pattern severally butnthe necklace isn’t flat. It keeps bunching up at the last layer. Please what am I doing wrong?

  3. Can you tell me what thread you used please. I’m about to attempt this with hematite beads and I’m not sure what to use…. will clear nylon thread (like fishing wire) work well? I’ve played around with parts of this using silver beading wire, but i feel like the wire is too obvious. Ty!


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