Amazing designs from Swarovski contest in Russia

Swarovski contest Create your style 2015 in Russia is on. It is presented a lot of amazing designs from many talented artists from the whole country there. U have chance to see them also!




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4 thoughts on “Amazing designs from Swarovski contest in Russia”

  1. Why do the Swarovski competition pieces have to be so,complicated – they miss the point entirely which is that Swarovski crystal and pearl pieces are very attractive on there own. Fancy patterns are not required.
    All the free patterns are greatly appreciated and very often made quite soon after seeing them and I thank you for printing them.

    • This is embroidery and not like the free patterns at all. Would not mind to learn this beutifull craft though
      Fantastic work.

  2. I’m not a Swarovski girl but these are incredible. I wouldn’t wear them but I don’t mind drooling over them. I thought the crowns were better than any belonging to any royal. Partial to the green crown.

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