Free pattern for earrings Snowflakes

Free pattern for beaded peyote earrings Snowflakes by Anabel



Pattern!U need delica seed beads  11/0 blue and white color



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10 thoughts on “Free pattern for earrings Snowflakes”

  1. Hi everyone,
    have a fabulous Christmas and the best 2016 can bring for all of you.
    I have joined you not very long ago and have to say I am impressed with your service. I am counting down the days my finances improve to have even more fun than I am now.

    Regards, Shayna.

  2. hello admin
    this site is amazing
    i see anabel’s work and her etsy shop recently
    her works are really beaytiful but i don’t know how i should connect th beads together
    and please ask her for more beading!she is very creative

  3. thanks a lot admin!i find it!
    so,i have an idea.i think u can make a place for users work .in this way we can see others beginner and advanced work and comment on them.
    totally it is an advis but think about it!!!:))


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