Free pattern for earrings Sara

Free pattern for beaded earrings Sara

U need:

seed beads toho 11/0

seed beads toho 15/0

czech tila beads

super duo beads

czech faceted crystal beads 4 mm

pearls 4 mm

pearls 6 mm (step 14)

U have to use seed beads 15/0 on the step 3


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9 thoughts on “Free pattern for earrings Sara”

  1. This is beautiful. Thanks so much for always sharing with us. Please I want to ask, how can I get the Czech tila beads, super duo beads and Czech faceted crystal beads? Good afternoon Ma/Sir.

  2. This comes out beautifully, so long as you don’t use the fatter/bigger superduo’s from Toho (mine were quite old, so I don’t know if the different brands may be a similar size now). Also, I found that keeping your thread tension snug but not super tight prevents the square from curling, so it lays flatter. Lastly, it looks very nice with a 6mm crystal in the middle instead of a pearl, although it is a really tight fit and you have to use only 1 size 15 bead instead of two.

    You really have to use a size 13 beading needle instead of the standard size 10 or you will give up in frustration. Maybe a Tulip brand 12 would have worked but I finally resorted to a size 13. This is not an earring that you can just toss off in an hour, but if you want something really special and are not rushed, it’s a very fine pattern.

    That reminds me, your instructions are marvelously detailed and I really am in awe of how much time and care with which you share.

    Thank you!


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