Free pattern for earrings Persia

Free pattern for central element of beautiful beaded earrings Persia.

U need:

seed beads 11/0

rondel beads 5 mm

bicne beads 3-4 mm


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11 thoughts on “Free pattern for earrings Persia”

  1. This looks really easy.I think I’m going to do this very some.Thanks Bead Magic.Love your site.It always gives me lots of inspiration.

    • I noticed there are a couple of places where the thread path isn’t charted correctly. In step 3 coming out of the bicone if you want to use two different colors of 11/0 you need to add an 11/0, a rondelle, and 11/0 then go through the 11/0 at the top of the next point around. Step up in step 4 to the first 11/0 in the group of 3, add 3 11/0s then go through the last 11/0 in the group of 3 to form a picot. Hope this helps anyone attempting this pattern. I used two colors of 11/0s, 5x3mm rondelles and cornerless cube crystals 4mm for mine.


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