Free pattern for beaded crochet rope Yuliana

 Free pattern for beaded crochet rope Yuliana


Rope is knitted by hook





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15 thoughts on “Free pattern for beaded crochet rope Yuliana”

  1. Nahid – you string the beads according to the list at the side the squares color represent the color bead and the number is how many of that color to string. then the tube is done in bead crochet. usually done with 10 beads per round.

  2. It says the circumference is 8. So is that crocheted 8 around? I want to try this with size 8 beads. It is very beautiful pattern. I hope I can make it turn out, I look at the pattern almost every day,just need to start stringing.

  3. I would love to make this necklace, but as many before me have asked how do you read this pattern?
    I am an experienced beader and cannot figure this out!
    start with row one or three or what?
    how many beads in a row?
    Pattern are not helpful if there is no a bead size,how many loops to start in a row, or what size thread or beads have been used for the example!
    Please respond

  4. I am guessing that you would read the patter from right to left. Look at the stinging pattern. Follow the first round and when you get to the second round you should be at the first turquoise/blue color, and then continue the next round in the similar manner . It’s similar to reading a knitting in the round pattern if your familiar with it. Hope this helps 🙂

  5. Hi, I love to crochet. Tell me if I am doing this right string on all the beads as the above states in the repeat row? Help me to understand from the beginning please. Thank you!!!

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