Beautiful embroidered jewelry by Olga Tychkova

Olga Tychkova is taleneted bead embroidery artist from Russia. She makes amazing earrings and brooches in embroidery technique. She use in her work swarovski and glass crystals, japanese seed beads, sequins and lace . Her birds are unique and look like real ones.


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17 thoughts on “Beautiful embroidered jewelry by Olga Tychkova”

  1. Where di0. you the base material from which to make the jewelry. Could y. You point use in th right idirection? I would lov toknowtheright direction to go o go to brain such a pojectl. Please share this with us. Thank you for such different and exquisite pieces

  2. Olga – Do you sell instructions for these magical creations? I can’t imagine what it would take to write them, but I would love to learn how. Anyway, thank you for sharing them with us. God Bless

    • dear Olga your work is beyond georgeous. I’m an avid bird lover.would like to know do you sell them would love a hummingbird. thank you for all your talent and sharing.god bless are definitely gifted.

  3. Beautiful birds! I think my favorite is the mauve one just above the gold hummingbird, but it’s hard to pick. And the top-hatted bird and the little doggy are so charming and full of personality and sparkly detail!


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