Beautiful beaded dragons by Alena Litvin

Alena Litvin is talantet bead artist from Russia. She makes pretty brooches with cute little dragons. They are really unique and one of a kind. Every dragon has its own face and character.




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Alena Litvins website –


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52 thoughts on “Beautiful beaded dragons by Alena Litvin”

  1. Does she teach classes or sell tutorials for these gorgeous pieces? I would be so thrilled to make one of my own. They are absolutely stunning. ❤

  2. Would love to know if she does you tube or sells patterns/tutorials for these. They are amazing and I would love to make some.

  3. So life like, your an Amazing Artist. You have such a keen eye for the most exquisite detail. Simply stunning artmanship.

    • I’m absolutely blown away by your amazing art pieces! They look alive and just perfect! I’ve never seen anything like this at all and I would die to know how to make these. I just live them so much. I have a rough idea as to how these are make so I’m gonna try it out. I’m sure they would never be as good as yours though. Wow you’re so talented!!! Keep it up and thanks for sharing!! Hope you make more!

  4. These are the most unique and creatively assembled beaded pieces that I have ever seen.
    An obvious labor of love!! Praises to the artist!!

  5. Absolutely stunning. These would go so well at the Renaissance Faires. I would love to take a class to learn how to make one.

  6. I love the dragons. I can see all the pictures but would love to know the prices. Does not show on my iPad. Thank you!

  7. Ces dragons sont magnifiques. J’adore. Merci de nous faire partager de si jolies choses.
    Ils sont tellement bien faits, qu’on a l’impression qu’ils vont s’envoler.
    Bravo à la créatrice.

  8. These little dragons are absolutely divine.
    I would love to own or make one myself, how can I buy or get pattern, please?

  9. I translated from her site for the first dragon with blue:
    Brooch beads. Embroidered dragon. Golden Dragon

    Alyona Litvin

    $ 117.09 Add to Cart

    Handmade decorations. Fair Masters – handmade brooch Dragon “Maya”. Brooch beads. Embroidered dragon. Copper Dragon. Handmade.

    Brooch dragon “Maya”. Brooch beads. Embroidered dragon. Copper dragon
    Alyona Litvin

  10. Her website is in Russian; I am not sure how to translate? I collect dragons and would like to purchase at least one for my collection. Can u help? You can contact me by Facebook (preferred) or email… Thanks so much!

  11. I don’t think you could buy without help of a Russian speaking person. And the only way to pay available to overseas clients is by Westen Union money transfer. If you really really want to buy, you’ll have to find Russian speaking person at work and ask for help or try to write directly to the master using the link ‘Сообщение мастеру’ and hope she understands English. You’ll have to register on the website first using your facebook account.

  12. Gorgeous – beautiful – amazing – what else can I say
    Your talent, and imagination are just FANTASTIC
    where can I buy one ??

  13. I purchased 2 from Alena a couple of days ago. Will take a bit of time for her to create, but I’m very excited to get my new dragons… Easy enough to use Google translator to communicate with Alena through the website. Using Google Chrome, right click anywhere on the page and click “translate to English.” Probably similar if you’re using IE. FYI, you will have to create an account to use their messaging…
    Thanks Alena.

  14. I am absolutely in love with that first little dragon. I love that one so much. Do you sell them and how much do they cost?

    You are so talented and all of your dragons are gorgeous, but that first one on this page is my all time favorite. It makes me smile every time I see it.

  15. You are so talented. If I have a pattern, I can make it (most of the time), but I have not been able to design any thing. I could never afford to buy one already made, but would love to try to make one with the help of a pattern. Let the world know when you make a pattern available.Thank you Mary from California, USA.

  16. Your dragons are so unbelievable…. To think that you took beads and put them together, And Brought Dragons To Life ! Your work is beyond Amazing. U have a true gift, and I am in awe. Keep up the magical work that you do. And know that what you have created in these dragons is much more than inspirational. You are a genius master creator with your beadwork. Your dragons are one of the most beautiful and fascinating works of art I have ever seen. I absolutely love them. Thank you for creating them! Sincerely……

  17. Craftwork is unbelievable & wonderful. Are any of these brooches for sale? The links lead to a very confusing site where it looks like you need to order one, even though the price is not shown.

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