Beautiful beaded Christmas Balls

Samosudova Anna is talented beadwork artist who  makes amazing Christmas Balls and ornaments, decorated with seed beads. Its good to get some inspiration shortly before Christmas and New Year!





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to be continued….


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25 thoughts on “Beautiful beaded Christmas Balls”

  1. All these Christmas ornaments with the beads on are absolutely fantastic. Somebody’s fingers have been very busy and I wish mine were so nimble but Arthur Itis disagrees.

  2. I would love to learn how to make the seed beaded bows.
    The solid ones only.
    May some day I will learn how to do these balls.
    I am 72 years. However I sure can dream can’t I
    All of these are so stunning, breath taken, ornaments.

  3. c’est super beau !!!digne des plus jolis décolletés si on les pratique aussi en colliers….magnifique bravo ça donne plein d’idées….

  4. I would like to buy patterns for the red ball with bow, and the one with the flower. In fact, I love all of them.
    Where can I buy please ?

  5. Good Day,
    Are there patterns available to purchase? If so I am very interested.
    Hopefully the answer will be affirmative, I will cross my fingers whilst I await an answer.
    Many thanks, Lyn Carter

  6. I am interested in purchasing the pattern for the red ornament with bow. Please send me a link so I can buy your beautiful patterns. Thank you so much!

  7. I would love to be able to get the patterns to do these beautiful ornaments. Where do I need to go for the patterns?

  8. As with the previous comments I 2ould like to know how and where I can obtain the patterns for these stunning g bauble covers.
    I am hopefullxx that there will one day be a reply to any of our comments.


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