Beautiful bead embroidered bugs & beetles

Bugs and beetles are so unique creations with many patterns and colors. They inspired many talented beadartists to make beautiful embroidered brooches. Have a look at our bugs collection and write us what do you think about this kind of beadwork?

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13 thoughts on “Beautiful bead embroidered bugs & beetles”

  1. Incredible work, absolutely beautiful. I agree, a pattern would be good, it might help us to get a basic understanding of how to do these wonderful creatures. ?

  2. I too have to agree with Lee Kirkwood, to have some basic patterns would help us to facilitate our abilities in creating some of these beauties.

  3. I am by no means a fan or bugs or beatles, but I can surely appreciate the beautiful worksmanship.
    Your choices of shaped beads and crystals to convey texture and add depth and richness to your work is outstanding.
    Thank-you for sharing your art with all of us.

  4. Magnifique travail de perlage, quel raffinement! Bravo à toutes. Dommage que je ne puisse exprimer mes compliments dans votre langue, malgré mes origines…..

  5. I think if you click through to some of the links they take you to sites where you maybe can pay for a pattern – at least you can pay for something lol = not yet got the pages translated to figure out what!


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