Amazing birds brooches by Julia Gorina

Julia Gorina is extra talanted jewelry artist. She makes amazing and wonderful alive birds brooches. She use silk, vintage fabric, seed beads, sequins, different glass beads and other nice high quality materials.

ìèíèàòþðíàÿ áðîøü - Òóêàí ðàäóæíûé

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ìèíèàòþðíàÿ áðîøü - ñîâà Ñèïóõà (ïî ìîòèâàì)

áðîøü ïòèöà Øèïîâíèöà

ìèíèàòþðíàÿ áðîøü - ñêàçî÷íûé âîðîí

ìèíèàòþðíàÿ áðîøü - ñèçûé êîëèáðè â ïîëåòå

ìèíèàòþðíàÿ áðîøü - Êðàñíî-ñèíèé Àðà

ìèíèàòþðíàÿ áðîøü - Òóêàí æåëòîíîñûé

ìèíèàòþðíàÿ áðîøü - çåëåíàÿ ïòè÷êà ñ êëþ÷åì

Ãîðîä Çîëîòîé: êîëüå Çîëîòîé Îðåë

Ìèíèàòþðíàÿ áðîøü - ïòèöà

ìèíèàòþðíàÿ áðîøü - Òóêàí ðàäóæíûé

ìèíèàòþðíàÿ áðîøü - ñèçûé êîëèáðè

áðîøü ïòèöà Âèøíåöâåòêà

Ãîðîä Çîëîòîé: áðîøü Îãíåãðèâûé Ëåâ

Êîïèÿ ðàáîòû ìèíèàòþðíàÿ áðîøü - ñîâà Ñèïóõà.








áðîøü-øëÿïêà ïòèöà

ìèíèàòþðíàÿ áðîøü - ñèðåíåâàÿ êîëèáðè

áðîøü ïòèöà Çàðÿíêà






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47 thoughts on “Amazing birds brooches by Julia Gorina”

  1. Your birds are amazing! They are very unique and beautiful. Naturally all beaders are going to want to make some. If you ever offer patterns or tutorials for sale, count me in.

  2. Exquisite, Beautiful, Stunning, no words could do these works of art justice, only seeing them will reveal their true Beauty. Thank you for allowing me a glimpse of this talented artist’s work.

  3. Hi!

    I was just looking at your beautiful pins! Like many others, I was wondering if you have any patterns for sale? I would love the Lion to begin with and then maybe a couple birds. Please let me know, thank you so much!

  4. I love the hummingbirds . Do you sell them? Instead of a broach could you make them into ornaments for a Christmas tree? If you do sell them how much would they be?

    Thank you,


  5. Absolutely, beautiful!!!!!
    I so hope you do patterns, although mine would be a stitch on yours I would love to do a pattern !

  6. Amazingly wonderful! Could you give me the website if you sell these marvellous creations? If you don’t sell them, I understand. I would find it hard to part with these beautiful art pieces.
    Keep creating,
    Rose in Canada

  7. Asking the person who posted this, not the artist, for tutorials and to be sent patterns for free on how to make these pieces of art is ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is thinking the artist should make a “tut” on how to recreate her pieces for free. I doubt even if she did put out kits, that most people would even be able to recreate these pieces at her skill level.

    If you want to buy these birds, she sells them here:

  8. Your work is exquisite. You have a wonderful sense of colour.The inclusion of pieces of lace, fibres and beads takes it over the top. I am inspired. Thank you!

  9. Poštovana gospođa Julija,ja nemam reči da iskažem divljenje Vašem radu.To može samo Slovenska duša.Puuuuno sreće u daljem radu.


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