Amazing beaded toys by Marina Konstantinova

Marina Konstantinova is talented bead artist from Russia, who makes amazing beaded toys and animals.



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This is Marina and her toys



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24 thoughts on “Amazing beaded toys by Marina Konstantinova”

  1. Je viens de partager ces merveilles avec mes amis de bureau … nous sommes admiratifs et j’imagine le travail énorme pour un tel résultat. Bravo, bravo et encore bravo !!!

  2. Hi Marina,
    I just had to tell you that your work is amazing!!!!!. I have seen other people do similar bead work.But you are simply the best!!!! ….your work is neat and so realistic.God has blessed you with an amazing talent.I definitely dont have the patience to do simple bead work…… so you have amazing patience and talent!!!! God bless you and thank you for sharing.


  3. wow….it’s amazing !!! i never thought in my mind you came a designs that gives hope in me,thanks and really appreciated your wonderful hard works…. hopping that i can make one,like your designs…

    Joseph from Philippines

  4. Do you sell patterns to make your designs please, I love your Elephant and would dearly like to try to create it myself?
    I hope to hear from you regards a pattern, so happy to purchase it if possible.


  5. Hi All,
    I would just like to say that please do go ahead and buy the tutorial. Marina is always quick to reply if you have any difficulty in doing a project. It can be a little difficult for the first time. However once you have done the first project it will be a lot easier to understand the tutorial and every time a project is finished you will learn a lot and I just cannot describe the joy in having the completed toy in your hands.
    So happy beading!


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