Amazing wirework jewellery by Huan Pham

Huan Pham is a wirework artist from Australia who makes really amazing and unusual rare things.

This is his website –

I want to show Zodiac pendant series and several other stunning things.








And some other beautiful wirework by this author


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15 thoughts on “Amazing wirework jewellery by Huan Pham”

  1. I saw his work several years ago. He never responds to any questions. His work is so beautiful but he just disappears. He even put the same items for sale on 3 sites and did not even respond to questions there. Does anyone know what happened to him? His blog is old.

  2. I love the water picture w the bue beads. It is the most beautifully creative thing I have ever seen. I hsve been trying to find out how to purchase them, please email me back to let me know if they are available for sale. Thank you…

  3. Does anybody know where is now Huang Pham?
    I need to tell him something
    please I need his adress
    Huang please write me


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