2016 Bead Dreams ribbon winners

2015 Bead Dreams ribbon winners

Best in Show: Objects & Accessories, Swan Princess Headdress-Transformer by Oleysa Bryutova




bryut3 bryut4
Best in Show Runner-up:

Seed Beads, Whisper Wind by Tatiana Konstantinova

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Seed Bead Jewelry
1st Place: Whisper Wind by Tatiana Konstantinova
2nd Place: The Rani Weds by Margaret Corchnoy


3rd Place: Time After Time by Kelly Wiese


Crystal Jewerly
1st Place: Halycon by Svetlana Kossman

kossman1 kossman2
2nd Place: There’s a Star Inside Us All by Marie New

mary2 mary3
3rd Place: The Dark Side by Sonia Lidozzi

lidozzi1 lidozzi2

Finished Jewelry
1st Place: The Winds of Winter by Tatiana Van Iten

vaniten1 vaniten2 vaniten4 vaniten5 vaniten6
2nd Place: The Wisdom Keeper by Heidi Kummli & Laura Mears

3rd Place: Vivid Sydney by Irina Rudneva

rudneva1 rudneva2

Ms. Maddie’s Fabulous Florals
1st Place: Dreams of Japan Necklace & Cuff by Nadeza Gerber

gerber1 gerber2 gerber3 gerber4
2nd Place: Castle in the Distance of the Flower by Mieko Ogura

3rd Place:“Barcelona” by Betty Stephan.

betty steph1 betty steph2

Objects and Accessories
1st Place: Swan Princess Headdress-Transformer by Oleysa Bryutova
2nd Place: Lady of the Sea by Ellen Solomons

3rd Place: Cleopatra: Single, Looking for Short-term Relationship by Justina Coffey



People’s Choice Award
“Cassiopeia” by Tatiana Allieva.


Handmade Buttons and Beads
1st Place: Honeybee’s Playground by Kris Schaible
2nd Place: Flora and Fauna in Copper and Leather by Jill Tower
3rd Place: Creatures of the Sea by Leah Neitz

Metal Clay
1st Place: Devoted by Rodica Frunze
2nd Place: Playful Cat on the Yarn by Natalia Kamaritou
3rd Place: Guardian of the Shambhala by Rodica Frunze

1st Place: Cherry Blossoms by Jill Tower
2nd Place: Strata by Sandy Mikel
3rd Place: Coastal Attitude by Bernadette Leach


Polymer Clay
1st Place: Dragonfleye by Kathy Bingaman
2nd Place: Sunset Gold Rush by Staci Smith
3rd Place: Sticks and Stones by Lorrene Baum-Davis

1st Place: Tempest by Sarah Thompson
2nd Place: Hammered Lace by Kimberly Newman
3rd Place: The Phantom of Mardi Gras by Melissa Woods


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10 thoughts on “2016 Bead Dreams ribbon winners”

  1. The work and time that goes into all of these amazing pieces is beyond imagination. Congratulations to all of the winners and entrants for this stunning display and for the inspiration you generate by your designs!

  2. OMG! I’m jealous. I only wish I could be so creative. They are exquisite. What art! These are not just jewelry. They are pieces that should be in a museum. Augusta

  3. Simplement fabuleux. Félicitations aux gagnants et à tous ceux qui ont participé. On en a “plein les yeux “. Merci. Nathalie

  4. I am still interesting creative seed beadings at my home although still practice on it by myself. I saw one of your photos, beautiful imagine that and love seed beadings very much.

    I wonder how long have you been practice on seed beadings creatives…

    And also, how do you know that there are seed beadings jewellery competition?

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you.


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