Tutorial for hand-made beads box

How to make this beautiful bead box of simple and available materials? Its very easy! Read this tutorial and u will b really surprised how its easy and fun!

hand-made beads box

U need:

Plastic eggs package

Cheap toilet paper

PVA Glue (Polyvinyl Acetate)

Figured pasta and peas

Acrylic paint (better aerosol)


1. Pour PVA Glue  to the cup . If glue is too thick you can add alittle water. Make litlle peaces of toilet paper and put it into the glue. Paper has to get very saturated and become homogeneous mass.


2. Apply to the cover of eggs package a layer 0,3 mm  of this mass

3. Make ornament using pasta and peas (press it into the mass).


4. Let it to get dry very well.


5. Paint the box.

hand-made bead box


6. Our beads box is ready! U can use it for ur beautiful beads. Isnt it pritty?

hand-made beads box

tutorial hand-made beads box


Author of tutorial is Galina Tikhova





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14 thoughts on “Tutorial for hand-made beads box”

  1. That was one of the most interesting upcycle projects I’ve ever seen. I think everyone has made something from pasta when they were little, but this is fantastic! Thank you. For me, I’d like to spray paint the inside as well. It was a shock to see that it was an egg carton. (that’s what made the project so great) but in making it, I’d want it “finished” Thank you.

  2. This is incredible! I never thought of using egg cartons for beads or projects. I’m sure its a great seperator and saver too! I’ll have to try this! thanks!

  3. I have to agree with Lisa Holiday! I was so intrigued when I saw it was an egg carton and pasta I just had to see the whole thing! I’m definitely going to try this Sept I’ll have to leave my beads in small veggies or I’ll end up with a bead “SOUP” mix… Can you use modpodge on this instead of the ON A glue? I’m not sure where to look for it at?


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