Beautiful embroidered lace jewellery by Ruth


Ruth makes a beautiful embroidered lace jewellery. Its so amazing that when i tried to chose pictures for posting here i couldnt do it and posted all of them. Her profile on Etsy has name StitchFromTheHeart and its really so! Her jewellery is delicate and unusual and every woman will like it and want to get one!

embroidered lace jewellery


Wonderful asymmetry of Lindsey Bucklew

Lindsey Bucklew (Klewism) is a beadwork artist who makes wonderful and unusual jewellery.

Thats how she describes herself:

“I’m an extreme example of the ‘left-handed’ person with ‘right-brain’ hemisphere dominance.  I love asymmetry in nature  and labyrinthine detail with no easily discernible organization.  I’m captivated by animals, music, audio books, and ancient history.  I collect trinkets with sentimental or visual  interest and often use them, perhaps years later, in a painting, collage, or piece of jewelry.  I gravitate towards anything fantastic or eccentric, over the structured and streamlined.”