Pattern for necklace Zebra

Pattern for amazing necklace Zebra. Using this pattern u can make beautiful bracelet too.




U can use any size of seed beads





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10 thoughts on “Pattern for necklace Zebra”

    • there must be someone to be able to help me with the center piece…asap…as i want to have it ready before Christmas . Thanks and greetings from the Netherlands!

  1. I have been wanting to make one like this for a long time. And I think today is the day. Thanks so much for putting these on your site. I enjoy learning new techniques and seeing how other bearers enjoy the caft just like me. I will take a picture. Thanks to the wonderful designers. Enjoying a day of beadin is what is needed. Thanks

  2. The Zebra necklace is very striking, and thank you for sharing the pattern. As a beginner I am finding it difficult to follow the arrows, is there a place where there is a bit more detail recorded or perhaps where the drawing is more clear? Thanks so much – I hope to learn enough to make this lovely necklace.

  3. este collar zebra esta fabuloso y no complicado de hacer, gracias porque siempre envian cosas muy bonitas y que nos llenan de mucha felicidad para hacerlas.

  4. I like this pattern but I am finding it difficult to follow the arrows, especially when it comes to step two.I would truly appreciate a more clear diagram. thanks


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