Pattern for necklace Beaded Squares

Free pattern  for necklace Beaded Squares 





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10 thoughts on “Pattern for necklace Beaded Squares”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing, I will try this one. lol Probably too new to beading but I will try it. I love it.
    Again Thank YOu

  2. Es un patrón precioso y con esfuerzo pude realizarlo pues me tocó re-estructurar la imagen guía porque siendo parecida, no corresponde al collar de la fotografía. Gracias.

  3. pattern for necklace Beaded Squares

    I would Love to make this necklace, but I thin I need a little more information. Instructions would be nice or even a better layout so I can make it out more clearly.
    Thank you

  4. its a very lovely design but the picture diagram is not enough i dont understand the start really i would love to make it and give kudos to BM i am sure i am not the only one who dont understand it pls give a bit writting instruction or better still a better pdf
    thank you

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