Pattern for earrings Snowflakes

Free pattern for pretty earrings Snowflakes. Make it to b original on Christmas and new Year 🙂


U need:
bicone beads 4 mm
bicone beads 6 mm
bicone beads 3 mm

seed beads 1,5 mm


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22 thoughts on “Pattern for earrings Snowflakes”

  1. In step 2, am I just going through the beads from step 1 or am I adding another layer of beads?

    Also, do I add another layer of 5 beads to the center after step 3?

  2. Thanks David for your response, I have tried same arpcoaph already but no luck. Anyways I am keep banging my head 🙂 and also I have logged issue in github as well.

  3. Very confusing. Is one supposed to use two needles and follow the blue and red path simultaneously, or are the paths separate, blue then red? Does the thread show in the middle between the bicones? Beautiful earrings, but very frustrating instructions.

  4. Could someone explain the instructions a little better and which is the 4 mm and 6 m crystals,placed in the design? please help wedding gift!

  5. I love the look of these earrings but like some of the other comments I find the instructions very confusing. Could the instructions be explained a little better please – the earrings are beautiful but I cannot work out your instructions.

    Thank you

  6. Please could you help! I love the earrings but cannot work out your pattern. Do you have any more detailed instructions?? Please!!
    Thank you

  7. I love the look of theses earrings however I cannot see on the list of what one needs to make these what is the thread/wire used to connect all the beads? What gauge wire? Also I noticed reading numerous comments that there are few responses to people’s questions. I hope you will respond to me December 2017. Thank you and Happy Holidays. Kathryn in Cleveland, Ohio.

  8. I’m taking a wild guess here but it almost looks like in step 1 you build the 5 points & in step 2 shows putting them together. Maybe? I could be totally off base.

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