Pattern for bracelet Pasobodle


This bracelet is amazing and it is not so hard to make. That is pattern for Pasodoble by Kashaya!



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U need – 145 bicrystals and beads




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5 thoughts on “Pattern for bracelet Pasobodle”

  1. even though it is french, I found that just by looking at the pictures, I was able to figure out what to do! I am in the process of making the bracelet right now and it is turning out beautifully! Thank-you so much for sharing Kashaya’s instructions with us, especially as her blog is no where to be found now, I’m afraid!

  2. Gorgeous bracelet and pattern well done. It is spelled Paso Doble – it’s a Spanish dance. It is misspelled in the title… (Passobodle) 🙂


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