NEW! Free pattern for necklace Musk

Free pattern for beaded necklace Musk

U need:
seed beads 11/0

seed beads 15/0

round beads 4-6 mm


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11 thoughts on “NEW! Free pattern for necklace Musk”

  1. I’m somewhat new to beading and have challenges following the pattern is there by any slim chance of video? The necklace is absolutely stunning

    • Hi Meghan,

      The patterns on this website are generally ones you’d print out for yourself and then make while referring back to the printed pattern. I’ve been following the release of new patterns here for several years, and I’m not aware of any being released as a video on YouTube or similar. Try to find a fellow beader who can teach you to read the patterns. I find them quite easy to follow. Generally, just follow the direction of the arrow in the pattern, picking up the beads indicated and going through connecting beads where the pattern indicates. Hope that helps.

  2. Seems like it would be helpful to have a more complete materials list such as type of thread/needle and amount of thread needed so newbies would have a more thorough starting point. Just a thought. Thanks for a gorgeous pattern!


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