Free pattern for pretty beaded flower

Free pattern for pretty beaded flower. Its very easy to bead this flower and u can use it like brooch, pendant or make beautiful necklace.


U need:

seed beads 10\0 – 11\0

seed beads 15\0

faceted beads 6 mm



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19 thoughts on “Free pattern for pretty beaded flower

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  2. Love it !
    It’s very beautiful.

    Please, could you add the part for the smaller motifs ?

    Thanks again for sharing !

  3. Very beautiful. I agree with Cranky bird…please add directions for smaller motifs. Also when I attempted to download the pattern, my computer sent a message that it was a malicious file. I was very surprised. Do you know why? Is there anywhere else to download this file?? Thank you so much.

  4. I can’t get this necklace to look right. There’s not enough room for the round bigger beads after I make the circle. Could you put the directions on this site?

  5. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing these beautiful patterns! I’m just fascinated by all the gorgeous beading. Bless, Katy =)

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