Free pattern for pretty beaded flower

Free pattern for pretty beaded flower. Its very easy to bead this flower and u can use it like brooch, pendant or make beautiful necklace.


U need:

seed beads 10\0 – 11\0

seed beads 15\0

faceted beads 6 mm



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21 thoughts on “Free pattern for pretty beaded flower”

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  2. Love it !
    It’s very beautiful.

    Please, could you add the part for the smaller motifs ?

    Thanks again for sharing !

  3. Very beautiful. I agree with Cranky bird…please add directions for smaller motifs. Also when I attempted to download the pattern, my computer sent a message that it was a malicious file. I was very surprised. Do you know why? Is there anywhere else to download this file?? Thank you so much.

  4. I can’t get this necklace to look right. There’s not enough room for the round bigger beads after I make the circle. Could you put the directions on this site?

  5. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing these beautiful patterns! I’m just fascinated by all the gorgeous beading. Bless, Katy =)

  6. Where are the instructions on how to insert the central bead?

    I understand this pattern is only for the larger flower component, but it would be nice to have instructions for the smaller components, as well, since you’ve shown it here! The construction of the necklace is beautiful.

    Step 4 is a little hard to decipher, since your red line and arrows sort of obliterate the 15/0 seed bead line…could you give bead counts, or clarify where the entry and exit points are?


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