Free pattern for necklace with tila beads

Free pattern for necklace with tila beads by Isaeva Maryana

U need:

tila beads
seed beads 11\0
seed beads 15\0







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5 thoughts on “Free pattern for necklace with tila beads”

  1. Dear Isaeva Maryana,

    I like this linked medallion necklace very much.
    You are so creative and very inspiring.

    However, like Veredgy, I see 4mm Cubes in the necklace, not 5mm Tila beads.

    Please post a response about which beads were used, 4mm Cubes or 5mm Tilas ?

    Either way, it is a very innovative design.
    Thanks again for sharing such a beautiful necklace !

  2. I am so delighted to see tila beads used to make such a beautiful necklace. I hope there will be more such patterns using tilas. I look foward every morning just to see your patterns.


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