Free pattern for necklace Winter

Free pattern for beaded necklace Winter




U need:

bicone beads 5-6 mm

pearl beads 8 mm

pearl beads 6 mm

pearl beads 4 mm

seed beads 11/0










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9 thoughts on “Free pattern for necklace Winter”

  1. I use a computer at the library which has both word and adobe, but I cannot download the pattern, and I cannot use the “Doc to PDF” program connected. I love the patterns shown but I cannot access them

  2. Hi, Karen – for the count of each component, you can count them in the pic . . . or, know how long you need it to be and as you add, know at what point you have to stop. These are, however, just a starting point, because I’ve found I often have to adjust because of my tension. Hope this helps.

  3. Hi,
    This really pretty. I am making one for my daughter in law to be for her bridal necklace. I would like to use 2 mm Swarovski pearls in place of seed beads.
    What size thread should I use? And what weight tested in pounds does it need to be
    Thank you


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