Free pattern for necklace Triangle

Free pattern for beaded necklace Triangle


U need:

seed beads 8/0

twin or super duo seed beads




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2 thoughts on “Free pattern for necklace Triangle”

    • Beading thread would be my bet. It drapes better, allows for going through such tiny beads multiple times and is far stronger than it looks.

      In fact, I’ve only had two pieces break on me since I’ve started doing this kind of beading a few years ago and in both cases it was traced back to a bead that had a jagged edge around the hole that wasn’t smoothed out and I just didn’t notice the flaw as I was making the piece. Of course, it was easy to see the problem when I went back to see what had happened.

      Since both beads that caused the damage came from the same batch I purchased, I just took it as object lessons in always checking your beads when you go to string them and haven’t had any problems since.

      Anyway, I’d recommend WildFire or Fireline because while Nymo may come in more colors, it’s a little trickier to deal with if you’re not used to it and a little thinner so not quite as strong.


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