Free pattern for necklace Snow Land

Free pattern for beaded necklace Snow Land



U need:

seed beads 11/0

pearls 6 mm

bicones 6 mm

crystal drop




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12 thoughts on “Free pattern for necklace Snow Land”

  1. This is beautiful, many thanks for sharing the Pattern. Although I’m new to Beading, I will try this. Getting better every time I Bead xo

  2. Zou deze graag maken..
    Maar hoe begin je daaraan met de 2 naalden ? heb hier niet direct verstand van.. :$


  3. Do you have step by step instructions? I am a beginner and have only made a bracelet using a kit with step by step instructions.

    Thanks in advance for your reply!

    Marie Myrick,
    McCalla AL

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