Free pattern for necklace Juliette

Free pattern for beautiful beaded necklace Juliette


U need:

seed beads 11/0

free pattern for necklace


free pattern for necklace


free pattern for necklace


free pattern for necklace

free pattern for necklace

free pattern for necklace



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12 thoughts on “Free pattern for necklace Juliette”

  1. Celt, if I understood the problem well, this might help you: when beading last row, when you connect, make the cord facing down. maybe will help 🙂

  2. The monochromatic color scheme of this bracelet is so classy! This one is on my ever increasing list of necklaces I plan to make!

  3. I made this, but there’s no way to post a picture. I made it in black and it came out beautifully. I made it for my daughter for her 18th Took me months and months and it was very hard

  4. Beautiful pattern – thank you so much for this website. I’ve made several of your necklaces, including Katrina, Calla and Margo.

    A couple of suggestions for your readers who said thy found the p astern difficult:

    I used the accent colour beads at each intersection, as well as for the picos. I understand the appeal of the monochromatic design, but using the second colour makes it easy to “find” the right bead to go through, without having to count each time.

    I also found it was easier to use my previous work as a guide,once I have a few inches made, rather than go back to the pattern. It helped me see the overall design better, and I didn’t keep getting lost on where I was on the pattern.

    Looking forward to my next project – Sia!

    Thanks again.

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