Free pattern for necklace Cream&Caramel

Free pattern for beaded necklace Cream&Caramel


Use 2 needles




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9 thoughts on “Free pattern for necklace Cream&Caramel”

  1. I am very grateful to u people 4 given we bead makers this kind of opportunity to lean beads making online,how happy will I could be if I have opportunity to travel down there to lean more designs especially d beads embroidery. My vote of thanks go to the management of bead magic and those that supply them designs. I love u all.

    • Judy,

      The pattern probably uses size 11/0 seed beads. If my counts and calculations are correct, the necklace as shown needs about 670 beads (or 7 grams) of the caramel color, and about 2,000 beads (or 20 grams) of the cream color. Also, it’s always better to have too many beads than not enough. Hope this helps!



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