Free pattern for necklace and earrings Ontario

Free simple pattern for necklace and earrings Ontario. Its very easy to make but looks so good!







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14 thoughts on “Free pattern for necklace and earrings Ontario”

  1. Love this pattern, however it’s not telling me the bead sizes and how much. Can you tell me please (you can email me)

  2. I agree Ingeborg,they do not tell what size beads to use.I guess we are just going to have to guess.It looks like the pearls are size 8mm and seed beads are either 6/0 0r 8/0.The stitch seems to be right angle weave with imbellishment.I’m going to try and do it and see how it turns out.Good luck.

  3. March4,2015

    I worked out this pattern some time ago. I used size 8mm pearl beads and 8/0 seed beads. Worked out white pearls first using two needles. The embellishment was added as a second step.

  4. This was the first necklace I made back in 2013. Now they are regulars in my stock Box. So easy and yet classy.

    Thank you for all your wonderful patterns and designer specials.

    Kind Regards.

  5. This is not a pattern for beginners. It doesn’t tell that it is a RAW, no sizes of beads and no instructions for beginners.

    Thank goodness it is free. As a person has been beading for a while I would be embarrassed to make this public.

    I did use 4mm pearls and 11/0 seed beads. Hope this hope future people who are beginners.


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