Free pattern for choker Ice Queen

Free pattern for beaded choker  Ice Queen



U need:

rondelle beads 4 mm

seed beads 11/0

For fringe – any beads by ur choice


Steps 1-3 start with 2 needles

Step 2 – u can add clasp

Step 4 – fringe is just for example, u can make any lenghts and use any components by ur choice







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8 thoughts on “Free pattern for choker Ice Queen”

  1. Beautiful. I dream of a flat stove. Most people dream of gas, but I just want somtehing that is easy to clean, anything will be better than the one we currently have.

  2. Hi there is it possible for you to give me the step by step instructions on how to make the choker ice queen bracelet with the beaded ball clasp. Thank you


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