Free pattern for bracelet Viva with tila beads

Free pattern for beaded bracelet Viva with tila beads




U need:

tila beads

pearl beads 4 mm

seed beads 10/0-11/0






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8 thoughts on “Free pattern for bracelet Viva with tila beads”

  1. I tried to make this pattern but it bunched up and the Tila beads didn’t stay in a straight line, lititle disappointed as it’s a beautiful design

  2. Hi. I am following the pattern as posted, but on one side of my bracelet the tile beads are disconnected from one another. I’ve taken a picture of my problem and would like to email it to you. Can you send me your email address?

  3. Thank you for this other pattern. I’m going to make it with hématites and garnets, to make a vintage pattern.

    Thank you very much for this new idea….


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